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Visa Spotlights

This series is designed to provide you with Visa’s expert perspectives on the monumental shifts happening in the payments industry today and what’s emerging on the horizon. 
Visa's Brand Positioning. The Power of Small Steps. Visa Spotlights podcast. Episode 6 Dan Baxter (Vice President, Corporate Communications CEMEA, Visa) and Tarek Abdalla (Chief Marketing Officer, CEMEA Visa)

Visa's Brand Positioning, The Power of Small Steps

In this episode of Visa Spotlights, our host, Dan Baxter, Visa's Vice President, Corporate Communications, CEMEA, is joined by Tarek Abdalla, Chief Marketing Officer, CEMEA, Visa. Together, they explore the evolution of the Visa brand and outline consumer expectations reshaping how brands are built today. They also discuss Visa’s efforts to maintain relevance among younger generations.

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Visa Access Tomorrow

In this series, our guest speakers share insights and learnings that will help business leaders and organizations navigate today’s digital economy. 

Season 2

Navigating the Future-Investment Insights

Access Tomorrow with Noor Sweid, Founder & Managing Partner, Global Ventures

In this episode of Access Tomorrow Visa's Leila Serhan, SVP & GCM for NALP is joined by Noor Sweid, Founder & Managing Partner, Global Ventures. Together they explore digital innovation in MENA, venture capital's role in financial inclusion, and women's evolving presence in venture capital and entrepreneurship. They also discuss the synergy of venture capital and advanced payment tech and its impact on startup scalability and risk management. Hear Noor Sweid's insights on entrepreneurship and future trends.

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Season 1

Visa Navigate, CEMEA

Our Visa Navigate CEMEA podcast brings you the latest insights, perspectives, and trends that are defining the world of commerce and payments across Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Africa (CEMEA).
Visa Navigate. How Visa Eco Benefits is paving the path to sustainability. Otto Williams, Ulrich Pietsch.

How Visa Eco Benefits is Paving the Path to Sustainability

Visa’s Otto Williams and ecolytiq’s Ulrich Pietsc discuss how Visa Eco Benefits is empowering financial institutions to meet climate-conscious consumer demand.

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