Do you know ''Where Cash Hides''?

Visa's "Where Cash Hides" research identifies categories in GCC where consumers still use cash.

While the GCC has made significant strides in its digital commerce journey, consumers still use cash for specific spend categories, according to Visa’s “Where Cash Hides” study conducted in partnership with IPSOS.  Surveying 3,400 individuals and conducting 30 in-depth interviews across the UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, the study aimed to understand the frequency and drivers of consumers’ cash usage.

"Where Cash Hides" reveals cash-heavy categories and barriers to digital adoption and proposes more secure, convenient digital payment solutions for consumers and local businesses.

This research is a significant step in Visa’s efforts to help deepen understanding of and support the industry in addressing the challenges of digital adoption in the GCC. Here's a deeper look into the findings for each country involved in the study:




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