Visa recognizes the increasingly pivotal role that Payfacs are playing in driving small business digitization, fostering financial inclusion, and facilitating access to the digital economy. We offer a comprehensive suite of products and solutions that help them grow, scale, and manage risk effectively such as low-cost acceptance technologies, gateway capabilities, fraud management tools and authorization optimization.

To further support their growth Visa has launched a certification program through which we will directly engage with Payfacs providing them with the expertise, tools, and credibility they need to succeed.

The Certification Program

Through the program, payfacs will be required to certify and enter into an agreement with Visa. 

Depending on their certification tier, they will gain valuable access to the company’s resources, consultancy, and acquiring development programs. They will also be able take part in Visa events, access live and on-demand sessions and trainings, and take advantage of exclusive discounts on Visa products and managed services. 

Acquirers in Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (CEMEA) will only be able work with payfacs that have been certified by Visa. 

Certification tiers and their benefits

Successfully certified payfacs will receive the status of Visa Certified Payment Facilitator. Payfacs with high standards and reliability based on the Visa's certification process may apply for two extended tiers: Visa Ready Payment Facilitator and Visa Trusted Partner.

Payfacs are entitled to distinct benefit packages based on their certification status, with premium-level status holders benefiting from extended support and special offers on selected Visa products and services.

1. Visa Certified Basic Benefits

  • Access to Visa Online, offering visibility on the latest Visa business news and information on products and solutions.
  • Access to online trainings covering critical topics such as risk and anti-money laundering.
  • Exception request support enabling direct access to Visa when an exception is required.
  • Eligibility to access the SME Acceleration Program which consists of commercial support and incentives for bringing new merchant locations and accelerating acceptance.
  • Access to Visa Preferred Partners Offerings.

2. Visa Ready Benefits (Premium)

In addition to the Visa Certified benefits, Visa Ready Payment Facilitators will benefit from:

  • Access to live sessions and trainings on Visa products and solutions.
  • Direct support from Merchants Sales & Acquiring teams and Customer Service teams.
  • Access to the Acceptance Fast Track program.
  • Exclusive invitations and guest speaker assignments at Visa events.

3. Visa Trusted Partner (Premium)

In addition to the Visa Ready benefits, Visa Trusted Partners will benefit from:

  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Eligibility for Visa Preferred Partner program.
  • Permanent seat on Visa’s Payfac Advisory Council.
  • Discounts on products and managed services, such as Visa portfolio health check, Visa Merchant Screening, Visa Consulting & Analytics market studies, co-creation sessions, and 15% discount on Acquiring membership fees.



To initiate the certification process, please submit the Intake form on the link below